Each holds a golden ticket in a collective experience free from spatial barriers.

The most valuable assets in financial services are not stocks, futures, derivatives or commodities. They’re people who always put their clients first and have the freedom to make investment recommendations outside a branded suite of products or incentives. A symbiotic connection between American Portfolios, advisors and their clients makes this freedom possible.  

Doing Business

The tools you need, the freedom to make the best independent decisions on your client's behalf. We have an open-architecture environment to support any business model; strictly transactional or hybrid practice.

Doing Business

  • + Fee-Based Asset Management Financial Planning and Wealth Management Tools
    - Fee-Based Asset Management Financial Planning and Wealth Management Tools

    Advisory services is the fastest growing part of American Portfolios and enjoys a competitive edge in the marketplace as one of the industry's most valued business solutions providers for the growing needs of investment advisors seeking flexible and varied fee-based asset management financial planning services, and wealth management tools. We are not a one-size-fits-all firm. Whether it’s doing fee-based advisory business through our corporate RIA, American Portfolios Advisors, Inc. (APA) or your own RIA, or based on your propensity to asset-manage or asset-gather, American Portfolios supports all types of practices through its exhaustive selection of programs and services.

    • Open access to several leading third-party institutional portfolio managers such as Brinker, Curian Capital, Genworth Financial, Lockwood Financial and SEI.

    • Availability of widely-used financial planning and model management Web services and software to support any size and any shape wealth management practice; programs include, but are not limited to, AllocationMaster through SunGard, eMoney Advisor, MoneyGuidePro, NaviPlan and Morningstar Workstation.  

    • Structured arrangements for fee-billing services and to support structured arrangements for flat-fee, financial planning, 401(k) open architectures and solicitors business.

  • + Nine Points Financial Directions
    - Nine Points Financial Directions

    Under American Portfolios Financial Directions, Nine Points is for people who are inventive enough to look for new ideas, but intelligent enough to confer with the experts.  Our affiliated advisors work with clients to find investment solutions that can be assembled to create portfolios to meet any risk tolerance and investment goal. 

    Through American Portfolios Advisors, Inc., (APA) the Nine Points Advisory Services Platform currently offers seven programs within two management disciplines: advisor-managed and  institutionally managed. You can choose to provide your clients professional management services as a portfolio manager, or to tap into a wealth of experience using the services of institutional money managers and mutual fund/asset allocation strategists. Nine Points has created a comprehensive advisory platform combining an array of investments; more than 100 money managers and strategists; billing, performance reporting, research, block trading, rebalancing and model management services and tools—to name a few; and nine compelling reasons to satisfy any client or financial practice need:

    Reason #1: Uncompromised Advice
    Reason #2: Alignment
    Reason #3: Performance Management
    Reason #4: Measurable Risk
    Reason #5: Transparency
    Reason #6: Consistency
    Reason #7: Efficiencies
    Reason #8: Accessibility
    Reason #9: Predictable Costs

    Found nine reasons? You’ve touched Nine Points.

  • + Transactional Business Solutions
    - Transactional Business Solutions

    Since the beginning, we've set out to be the best--not the biggest--provider of business solutions for independent financial professionals. This core focus frees us to think "small," down to the individual needs of our customers. Despite this trend away from traditional investing, transactional business remains an integral solution for advisors running hybrid practices and for long-standing relationships with clients who have very specific financial service needs and expectations. American Portfolios will continue to offer what still remains a very widely-used choice of financial products and instruments in the following investment areas:

    • Non-proprietary product selections from over 140 mutual fund companies.

    • More than a dozen NAV transfer programs and a no-transaction-fee mutual fund platform for more than 5000 funds within 230 funds families.

    • Full-service brokerage through our clearing relationship with Pershing LLC, a subsidiary of The Bank of New York Mellon.

    • Fixed income solutions delivered through a live, secure and highly efficient trading infrastructure that supports the collection, management, display and execution of fixed-income security offerings.

    • Variable annuity product agreements from more than 65 insurance carriers.

    • Variable life products through agreements with over 20 top insurance carriers.

    • Carefully reviewed alternative investments.

    • Insurance business resources, offered in coordination with Crump Life Insurance and Financial Independent Group (FIG), with access to 150 focus carriers for: term; whole and fixed universal life; disability and long term care insurance; variable life; and fixed and indexed annuities

  • + Lending Solutions
    - Lending Solutions

    As your clients depend on you to manage their assets and address all of their financial needs, there may be opportunities that exist on the debt side of their balance sheet that will enhance the level of service you provide, attracting and maintaining new relationships. Through American Portfolios and its partnership with Pershing LLC, LoanAdvance and Fully Paid Securities Lending are two such solutions available to clients under the right circumstances.

  • + Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)
    - Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)

    Where and when we can—and we are always searching—we’ll get you access to investment opportunities at the ground level.  Through our existing relationships with Bank of New York Mellon and Pershing LLC, as well as other investment banking or institutional trading firms that have chosen to partner with American Portfolios, the fast-paced world of IPOs is at your disposal. Whether it is a new equity, closed-end fund or municipal bond note, American Portfolios, in any given week, promptly keeps its advisors apprised of available offerings, accepting any indications of interest on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  • + Transition Support
    - Transition Support

    With years of experience working in transferring thousands of accounts through multiple platforms, we’re confident we can make your transition to AP as seamless as possible. You’ll enjoy the services of a dedicated affiliation services and transition team, who will be at your disposal before, during, and after your transition.