Annual Reviews

Annual Reviews


2020 Looking Forward/Looking Back

Janus is the Roman god of doors between what was and what will be.  At the center, he is simply present.  The 2020 APH Annual Review reflects on the past and future of the company from the perspective of present day. The structure of the review moves in two directions with two covers that meet and intersect along the way. 

Clayton M. Christensen, author of The Innovator’s Dilemma and The Innovator’s Solution, uses aviation in both books to explore how success is not possible without the right combination of innovation, manpower and knowledge of circumstance. Since it’s inception, AP has been developing innovative technology to help the company find success in volatile markets. Perhaps most importantly, however, it has invested in a strong leadership team and exceptional financial professionals that can anticipate changes and adapt accordingly. This combination of factors guarantees that AP will continue to lift its broker/dealers to high levels of success, while allowing them to determine their own course, in an ever-changing environment 

2016 Lift

The 2016 AP Holdings Annual Review gains insights from  Clayton Christensen, Harvard Business School professor and author of The Innovator’s Dilemma, about the theory of disruptive innovation.  With lessons from the past, the review draws parallels of rising above current-day market volatility trends and an ever-changing financial services landscape to the  early advances in aviation; that success can  only be achieved with the right combination of innovation, manpower and knowledge of circumstance. 


2012 The Power of Small

With an emphasis in 2012 to virutalize AP’s underlying technology, the playing field was leveled to the extent that firm size no longer was relevant in measuring  a company’s  success. Where competitors were touting big, AP was countering with the benefits of small from a relationship standpoint between B/D and advisor, advisor and client. Driving this message further, the annual review was reduced to the size of an IPAD to illustrate the power packed in small. 


2008 Horizon

Faced with a plunging economy as a result of the 2008 market crisis, the  AP Holdings Annual Review of that same year paints a visual picture with team members and colleagues operating and conducting business in an unfamiliar world. The one constant is the horizon, which can never be caught but must be chased in order to get somewhere–something for which AP has sought after every day since its inception .    



2019 We Know You 

AP’s business development team spent 2019 analyzing the compositions, strengths and needs of each and every practice within AP through segmentation. The  content and design approach for the annual review creates an elegant visual system of silohuettes and photos within, optically and compositionally demonstrating a committment to nurturing and supporting financial professionals and their practices.


2015 Route 15

Designed like a Fodors folded roadmap, the 2015 AP Holdings Annual Review lays out a five-year growth plan for AP  based on a balanced scored card management discipline that relies on the interconnectedness of six strategic perspectives: People, Innovation, Process, Customer, Financial and  Community. This is the  structure upon which all future AP annual reviews  are prepared. 


2011 What Is Independence

AP’s 2o11 Annual review reports on initatives in 2011 to stregnthen the infrastructure and bring focus to the sales and marketing side of the business with new productts and services beneficial  to both the adivsor and investing client.  



2007 Beyond

What has ben considered a milestone for American Portfolios  celebrating 15 years since the offical formation of American Portfolios Holdings, Inc. in 1999,  during the reporting of the 2007 AP Holdings Annual Review in 2008, this marked the 50-year anniversary when the NASA space program was formed with the sole intent of launching an American up to the moon. So, too did AP lift-off in its departurne with 187 financial professionals  to a new financial frontier in 2001. 




2018 Breakaway

Inspired by the well-known quote from  all-time NHL hockey champions Wayne Gretsky, the 2018  AP Holdings Annual Review conveys the idea of “where the puck is going” and takes it to its next logical step–the breakaway–as part of AP’s playbook to move AP from being a good company to a great one. Images throughout the review are takien by internationally-recognized sports photographer, Erik Isakson, in an exclusive photo shoot arranged by design firm,  Exit10, and  commissioned by American Portfolios.  



2014 Scale

Pivoting off a successful 2013,  AP leverages the previous year’s business wins by using 2014 as its  basecamp to build on the existing infrastructure with customer-led approaches and value-added products and services in order to scale.  

                            2010 Behind Every Dollar 

2010 marks AP’s 10-year anniversary celebrating  the achievements made beyond the money. A documentary produced about AP, which premiered  at the national conference,  coincides with the 2010 AP Holdings Annual Review and its decade-long journey overcoming challenges and  building a strong culture of financial freedom, community engagement  and fullfilling dreams. 



2006 Compositions

Much like what you’ll find in an ensemble of musicians it is essential to instill trust among one another with a willingness to change things for the greater good. The 2006 APH Annual Review demonstrates this by weaving  into the dynamics of a jazz quartet a process for practicing  dialogue, cooperation and collaboration.  A performance was given at the national conference sharing their jazz rendition of  “Come Together” by  the Beatles. 


2017 We Do It For …

In 2017 AP executive and senior management team members stepped back to explore the “why” of the investment  it makes in its people, the company and our communities.  Motivated by a bigger picture that incorporates a commitment to CSR, the 2017  APH Annual Review provides stories from stakeholders. teasing out the driving force behind everything AP does. 



2013 An Independent Record

2013 was a strong year financially for the firm, in large part, strengthened by its alignment intiatives for affiliated financial professionals to explore fee-based platforms and programs. To drive the message of top financial results in AP’s recorded history, the annual review took the form of a vinyl record that slips into an album jacket.  


2009 Triathlon

 In the wake of a financial crisis affecting everyone in the industry, AP set itself on a long-dstance course to stay in the race. Much like a trathlon, AP  witnessed firms falling behind, picking up the pace and advancing ahead of them with new affiliations, increased operational spending, and capital reserve expenditures.  


2005 The Art of Balance

With four years in now operating as a  full-service independent broker/dealer, 2005 could best be described as meeting the chellenges of the day-to-day  through the art of balance.  With emphasis placed on art, AP sought out the talents of a number of emerging artists to fashion a work of art  representing their interpretation of balance. The pieces were displayed in a gallery set up at AP’s national conference where attendees could purchase any items on display through a slient auction to raise money for charity.


2004 A More Perfect Union

Reinforcing the newly-establishd brand positioning of American Portfolios,  the 2004 AP Holdings Annual Review serves  as a good-faith best practice of transparency, sharing its operational and financial progress.