A Message from American Portfolios CEO on Commitment to Workplace Safety

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American Portfolios (AP), like many other companies, has persevered throughout the last year and a half despite the ravages of COVID-19 causing the loss of so many lives and small businesses. With 95% of its workforce placed into a working-from-home arrangement in March 2020, AP looks forward to employees safely returning to work at its headquarters in Holbrook, New York, after the Labor Day holiday.

In anticipation of the transition back to an at-office work status in September, of paramount importance to AP is ensuring the safest possible work environment for its valued team members where they spend the greater part of their day.  This is particularly relevant as the nation and world face a resurging health threat with the Delta variant looming over every passing hour. That is why AP has joined the fight with other concerned corporate citizens to protect its most valued resource—its people—by instituting a company-wide mandate requiring that all employees receive the COVID-19 vaccine before returning to the office.

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures. A reliance on experts and data to monitor the current health crisis from all corners of society is what led to this most important decision.

Over the last 20 years, AP has been helping resolve business and growth challenges for its independent financial professionals and the communities in which it serves; it stands to reason this decision further exemplifies its commitment in being part of the solution and a cause greater than itself.

With sincere hope for a healthier and safer tomorrow.

Lon T. Dolber
Chief Executive Officer, President
American Portfolios Financial Services, Inc.