A Message from American Portfolios CEO Regarding Civil Unrest in Our Nation

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January 8, 2021

A Message from American Portfolios CEO Regarding Civil Unrest in Our Nation:

We at American Portfolios (AP) are deeply saddened and extremely disturbed by the deplorable events that took place at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. We strongly condemn the actions of those who incited and carried out a series of lawless and violent acts while breaching our nation’s sacred capital. Make no mistake—words matter … facts matter. And those in positions of leadership—whether they are hired, appointed or elected—must be held to a higher standard of integrity and moral authority.

We founded AP with the aim of helping people fulfill their American dreams. Inspired by this great country’s foundational principles, our forefathers meticulously word-crafted the Constitution so that it would guide the nation for generations to come and lead its citizens into a land of promise. That vision will not be undermined by those bent on violating the rule of law and perverting justice. Instead, we will be emboldened and uplifted by our democracy, a system of governance for and by the people, and a blueprint for many nations around the world. Let us continue to lead by example, standing together as a proud and resilient union toward a future filled with opportunity and prosperity for all.

With sincere hope,

Lon T. Dolber
American Portfolios Financial Services, Inc.