American Portfolios Stands United Against Social Inequality

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A Message from American Portfolios’ CEO Regarding Social Inequality:

Our country has faced many challenges over the course of its relatively short history, including the most recent series of troubling and sorrowful events. How we respond to trials defines us as a people. While our contributions to society and the world at large have been great, it is clear—now, more than ever—we still have work to do.

The recent unrest and resulting protests have become all too commonplace in our nation. Together, we must celebrate our freedoms without repressing those of our fellow Americans. While the situation at hand may seem hopeless to some, as a collective, we can change for the better without losing sight of the founding principles we proudly uphold.

American Portfolios (AP) was formed as an independent space for investment professionals to practice with freedom, unencumbered by company agendas that strictly view affiliates as numbers for the bottom line.  It stands to reason, given our underlying core values, that AP desires the same level of freedom and respect for all people—regardless of race, gender or creed.

AP looks forward to the day when we can truly live together, protected by laws that respect everyone equally; a time when no one is made to feel lesser simply because of the color of their skin. With the opportunities we pursue for the greater good, AP is committed to helping turn that dream into a reality—not just with words, but with actions.

With sincere hope,

Lon T. Dolber
CEO, American Portfolios Financial Services, Inc.
CIO, American Portfolios Holdings, Inc.